The Charentaise TCHA celebrates its heritage

Made in Charente
Trendy design
100% natural
Unique comfort

Genesis of an iconic product made in Charente

The Charentaise felt slippers originally from Charente in France were created in the 17th century, during the reign of world-renowned king Louis the 14th. They were made out of felt scraps from the Royal Navy. Felt was at the time the fabric used to make capes. Subsequently, their manufacturing grew thanks to the felt used in the paper industry. The paper production was well developed in Charente, especially in the area around Angoulême. After extensive use in paper-making machines, the “compressed” felt became waterproof; an ideal material for comfortable, warm and handy slippers.

Originally, Charentaises were fitted inside clogs in order to improve comfort while keeping feet warm. Later, they were mainly used by domestic workers in French noble households. Servants could easily move around the house without waking the masters, while also polishing the floorboards.

In the early 20th century, a shoemaker (from Charente!) had the brilliant idea to equip the slipper with a hard sole: The real Charentaise that we know today was born.

Soft and comfy, enabling a light and discreet gait thanks to its felt sole, the genuine charentaise from Charente quickly became a comfort icon before being recently modernized.

From homebody slippers to must-have fashion items

Once a bit old-fashioned, the Charentaise nowadays charms more and more timeless-fashion aficionados.

Out-dated tartan designs are a thing of the past. The redesigned Charentaise TCHA offer elegant cuts and can be worn both inside and outside.TCHA product lines are available in many different colours and materials. Whether you choose clean cut felt or 100% natural woolly cosy chic, discover the ultimate balance between comfort and style no matter the season. A simple and unique figure, iconic of French savoir-vivre, the ultimate mix of elegance and casualness.

With the Charentaise TCHA, elegant, timeless, available in many different colours and high-quality matierials, it is like walking on clouds no matter the season.

Keeping a traditional know-how: the stitch and return

La charentaise TCHA, a flagship of French heritage

Made where the Charentaise was born, naturally elegant and modern, La Charentaise TCHA combines tradition and fashion in a very straightforward way. A revisited classic offering a unique collection, the Charentaise TCHA was awarded the observateur design prize in 2016. The Charentaise TCHA was selected by the Palace of Versailles to embody and promote the image of the Charentaise worldwide.

The TCHA X VERSAILLES collection has been designed alongside the Palace of Versailles team. It is exclusively sold at the Palace’s store. The collection allows to promote this unique French know-how worldwide.